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Watch Kraftwerk Perform Live For The First Time in 1970

Their First Live Performance Depicts an Example of Their Artistic Experimentation
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Kraftwerk 1970

Kraftwerk have clearly come a long way since their first ever live performance, but their brilliance has always been apparent. Experimentation like you will see in this video is what spawned electronic music. The droning and distorted tones gave way to a more streamlined feel once technology entered the game. Here we see the three founding members Ralf Hütter on keys, Klaus Dinger on drums and Florian Schneider-Esleben playing the flute and vibraphone. 

Notice the faces of the crowd, the youth of the early '70s. Most of them stone faced while others are really feeling it. Nevertheless, they were all there to witness the beginning of a musical revolution. Sit back and enjoy this rare footage, an example of just how far the music industry has come.

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