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Watch Rare Footage of Detroit's Underground Resistance in 1992

Jeff Mills and "Mad" Mike Banks Were Pivotal Figures of The Underground Techno Revolution
Jeff Mills Underground Resistance

Jeff Mills

By fusing Detroit Techno with classic Electro, Underground Resistance helped bring underground dance music to the attention of the masses. They stood for musical freedom and distanced themselves from the major labels that controlled the industry. Original members "Mad" Mike Banks and Jeff Mills helped to create a movement of high energy dance music that would captivate those lurking in the warehouses in the early '90s. 

Recently some rare footage has surface of Underground Resistance performing at a rave in Vienna. Watch as Mike Banks and Jeff Mills, along with Robert Hood as the MC, destroy the scene. These are the bad boys of Techno and there has never been anything like them ever since. 

Dig a little deep and watch this mini-documentary with more footage of the 1992 event in Vienna along with commentary about the techno revolution and rave culture that took hold at the time. The video touches on many aspects of the dance culture along with an interesting point about how creativity blossomed from the underground. 

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