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Maximono are Nick and Sebi, two producers from the gritty side of Drum and Bass who, while having a studio session, developed their own distinct style of dance music. With a focus on a heavy bass and taking influence from Hip-Hop, Breaks, House and Garage, they have stormed through clubs with their high energy blend. 

We got a chance to chat with the pair after a massive summer of tour dates including their Ibiza residency at Sankeys and gigs in cities like Miami, Paris, London and Amsterdam, just to name a few. They discuss their newly formed label This Ain't Bristol, their distinct blend of bass heavy Tech House and how they came together from seemingly far off backgrounds. 

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Your bio says you're from outer space, sent to earth to share your music, what is Maximono

"From Outer Space" means we’re stepping into the house scene from a different music planet as both of us were mainly doing Drum&Bass for the last few years. Me (Sebi) and Nick are Maximono. Nick is still doing his massive Loadstar project and is signed to Andy C’s RAM Records with it, whereas I (Sebi) was running a Drum&Bass label called Phunkfiction Recordings while also producing under different aliases such as TRIAD or Madmen&Poets. I already quit my D&B activities to fully concentrate on the Maximono project now. 

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How did you meet and what made you realize your musical style were compatible? 

We met through music back in 2008 when i released Nick’s first Drum&Bass album on my label (Kubiks & Lomax - Speak Life). We simply became best friends and always wanted to find a project to constantly work on and we knew our musical taste was very close.

As we’re not living in the same city (Nick is from Bristol and lives in London, UK and Sebi live's in Hannover, Germany) and we're both busy with our other projects, we never really managed to constantly work on music together. Also, we always said whenever we start something together, it has to be super fresh and new. Last year we spent a weekend in Nick’s studio in London and all of a sudden we ended up writing that special style of house music which we couldn’t find somewhere else. We sent it to a few mates, like Ardalan who passed it on to Justin and Claude and also to Amine Edge and his CUFF label, and most of them were all over it. So from then on we knew we found our new musical home. 

How would you best describe your sound? 

I think you can’t really compare our sound with anything else out there. People always try to put us in a certain genre, but there simply isn’t one yet. In that studio session which lead us to the new sound we said 'Let's sound as if Pharrel and Timbaland were doing bassline heavy House music.' So it’s pretty much a melting pot of different influences like Hip Hop, Organic Funk and Breaks, Breakbeat, Garage, House and of course a lot of Drum&Bass.

The only constant thing about it is the tempo between 120-125 bpm which makes it possible to mix it with other House tracks. As we’re pretty new to the whole house scene, we don’t really look much left and right and just do our thing. Having a great time in our studio sessions is the most important thing for us and we believe that if the magic happens there, it will always get transferred to the listeners and dancefloors. 

What can your fans look forward to in the near future?

We’re working on our second EP for CUFF to be released early 2016 and another one for our own label This Ain’t Bristol which we’re running with Billy Kenny and a couple of other guys. Apart from that we get more and more remix requests and are working our asses off in the studio. Some big vocal tracks are in the making too. It simply flows so we’ve got lots of fresh tracks in the pipeline to be released next year. 

The booking side is also getting busier so we’re playing out a lot, which is great fun and always the best possibility to test our new productions. We were pretty stoked to be able to get an Ibiza residency at Sankeys and got booked for shows in Miami, Paris, London, Amsterdam and some other great places. We never believed that it would go that quick. But as both of us love DJing, we’re happy to play as much as we can. The next highlights in the DJ schedule are the big CUFF night in London for We are WHSE this Saturday, our This ain’t Bristol residency in Hannover in November, a show at Ministry of Sound London on December and another one in Berlin around Christmas at Suicide Circus.

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