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Weekly Drum and Bass Chart - 10.30.15

Featuring releases from top-notch labels like Hospital Recordings, RAM Records, Viper Recordings, Shogun Audio, Critical Music, Virus Recordings and more
after the rave

It may be Halloween but the only thing spooky round these parts will be me on Sunday morning when I wake up after Andy C All Night Long on Friday and Knife Party on Saturday. Fear for your life Brixton! Ain't nothing scarier, believe that. Trick or treat my little raver misbehavers.

"People On the Ground" - Royalston ft. Hannah Joy
[Med School]

Royalston is my new favourite. You know when you unexpectedly stumble across someone and fall head over heels? Well, I hereby love this bloody Australian and all his bloody tunes. "Sunburnt in Malaysia" is the absolute sickness as well. Seriously, please look him up.

"Climb High" - Brookes Brothers ft. Danny Byrd
[Viper Recordings]

Not that there’s too much need for it on a Friday but keep this baby in mind for your Monday morning - slick lifter upper! 

"Breathe (Dirty Mix)" - DC Breaks ft. Dave Gibson
[RAM Records]

Churner! The right amount of vocal and the right amount of build. This one’s going large I feel.

"Fireflies" - Barely Alive ft. Ewol & Espired
[Disciple Recordings]

Incorporating a bit of twinkle but not at the demise of pace or menace. All about the balancing act for a good bit of drum and bass!

"Lay It All On Me (Calyx & TeeBee Remix)" - Rudimental ft. Ed Sheeran

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Absolutely sublime.

"Please Please Please (Play This On The Radio)" - Rockwell
[Shogun Audio]

We might not be able to play it on the radio Rockwell, but your cries for assistance have been heard and we’ll play it on Magnetic instead! Bosh!

"Bang Bang" - Phace & Mefjus
[Critical Music]

If there's one thing this tune has taught me it's to stop pronouncing the J in Mefjus...that and these two make bodacious music together. Watch out! 

"Elektrik" - Fourward
[Shogun Audio]

Very scientifically informative drum and bass from Fourward. Just what I want from my audio experience.

"Long Stay" - Ed Rush & Optical ft. RymeTyme
[Virus Recordings]

"Making lunch with luncheon!" Oh, pure MC love. Virus Recordings pushes out the big boys for this release from upcoming team up album, 'No Cure'.

"Drop Ship" - London Elektricity
[Hospital Records]

Bit of the usual quality from London Elektricity - expectations set to impossibly high for the boss man of Hospital Records and he delivers like Domino's employee of the month.

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