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There you are, my beautiful indie dance lovers! Where you been hiding? Out there on the dancefloor, right where you should be? Hope the answer is a yes, but glad you're back to check out these tasty selects. It's all about having fun and sounding beautiful on this week's Top Indie Dance chart. So, let's get to it and do it to it!

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"Slow Me Down" Eric Sharp & Tenova, RIS Labs

This week's number one comes from Eric Sharp and Tenova, two dark room destroyers with grace and elegance seldom ever found in the dance music scene. This song is going to stick to you and shimmer, like some sort of magical bejeweled suit of indie dance armor.

"Working For It" Zhu x Skrillex x THEY.

The man of mystery goes with the electronic music prodigy of recent history, and toss this newish, to me, character THEY. into the mix and that's a recipe for a hit. I don't think the name of the song is very sincere by the way, these talented mofos never seem to have to work for it!

"Loud Places (Mike Simonetti's Dark Places Remix" Jamie xx featuring Romy

The remixes of Jamie xx's smash solo album are a dime a dozen, but Mike Simonetti's remix is the cream of the crop. Taking "Loud Places" to his own dark places, Mike's got some great skills that sound awesome in the techno shadows, if I do say so myself.

"Trouble With Us" Marcus Marr & Chet Faker, Details Records

You mumble under your breath, "there's new Chet Faker." I say, "OH MAN THE WORLD SOUNDS BETTER!" The Aussie crooner is back with a little disco funk in his step thanks to Marcus Marr. Keep your ears open, a whole LP is on the way come November from these two.

"Saving My Life (Terrace Dub)" Gorgon City, Black Butter Records

These boys have done their time in Ibiza, the proof is very much in the pudding that is their sound. This dub of their 2015 hit single clearly transports you from wherever you are right to the Ibizan shores. It happened to me at Treasure Island Music Festival, and I've been a better man ever since.

"Forever 1 (Cashmere Cat Remix)" Hudson Mohawke

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Two Kanye collaborators playing very nice together! Cashmere Cat is known for his delicate touch, almost kitten paw-like... This beautiful rework is ethereal, haunting, and calms the Hudmo original down to become a dreamy affair, dare I say cloudlike?

"The Past Tense" Infinite Bisous, Tasty Morsels

Heard it on James Blake's BBC1 residency with Justin Vernon of Bon Iver and Volcano Choir acclaim, and now I select it here for you to vibe to. It's light, airy and not your typical indie dance selection. Isn't diversity grand?

"I Really Like You (Giraffage Remix)" Carly Rae Jepsen

When Giraffage remixes pop stars, you listen. It's a fact of life. This time Giraffage plays wonderfully well with Carly Rae Jepsen for a song that is fun, fun, fun!

"Mutant Standard" Oneohtrix Point Never, Warp Records

This one's going to be a touch dark, a bit frenetic, but awesome all over. I don't want to give away too much, so go into it with a fresh mind and be ready for innovative talent.

"Purple Caps" Primitive World, R&S Records

Aphex Twin would not hate this song, to say he'd like it is impossible as he's a mercurial and mysterious character. Yet, to compare a track to Aphex Twin, that means you've done something very right as an artist and a producer.

Shouts to New Build for this brilliantly clever music video!


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