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Young Man Beaten To Death Over a DJ Dispute

22 year old man beaten to death with hockey sticks
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Another tragedy is being reported in India, this time over a DJ request that turned deadly.

Last week we reported that an 18 year old in Boulder, CO pulled a gun on the DJ because he wouldn't take a song request. Now the tables have turned and a 22 year old man in Gurgaon, India was beaten to death because he made a song request that the DJ and his friends did not respect. 

According to the initial report, Rohit Bhardwaj was at a party at a vacant plot of land when he went up to the DJ and asked to change the music. The DJ did not take kindly to this request and he began to get angry with Rohit. Soon a brawl erupted and people at the party, who were allegedly drunk, began to beat Rohit with hockey sticks. Rohit's father was on his way to find his son when he arrived at the party and was pushed into a wall where he hit his head and was knocked unconscious.

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We sent a team to the spot after receiving a PCR call at around 12.30am. They took Rohit to Civil hospital where doctors declared him brought dead. We have registered a murder case and forensic teams have visited the spot,” said Inspector Babulal of the City police station.

Police have arrested three suspects, Raju, Dhuru and Amit Kumar who are all local DJs. Authorities also confiscated laptops, sticks and hockey sticks from the scene of the crime. 

[via: Hindustan Times

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