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Album Review: Deepchord's "Ultraviolet Music" Is A Brilliant Head Trip

If you love old Detroit Techno and exquisitely deep and melodic sounds, this is for you.
Ultraviolet Music cover Dischord

Soma Records continues its long run of excellence with this latest offering from longtime collaborator Deepchord. In a world filled with so many electronic music artists desperate to be pop stars, it's nice to see (and hear) an album that is complex, introspective and the extreme opposite of pop. 

Deepchord is much like Jazz in the way that his music takes you somewhere else. 

Ultraviolet Music is meant for out of body experiences with your headphones on, its sense of space and time brings you into a strange parallel universe that wraps you up and snuggles your emotional state. 

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It reminds me of early tracks on Transmat and even more specifically to Carl Craig's seminal work, Landcruising. Deepchord is a master of delay of reverb, his tracks evolve as if you are approaching them from a distance, an ever-present mirage on the horizon that just lures you forward. You never quite get there, you just realise you are trapped in his world and moving to his beats and murky spiralling synths. 

I can just imagine walking through New York on a cold winter day with this as my soundtrack. The layered futuristic sounds unlocking the details of every crack in the asphalt and every soul that stirs into your field of view. 

Ultraviolet Music is not for everyone, but then again maybe not everyone is for Ultraviolet Music

Ultraviolet Music is out on Soma November 27th, in the mean time here is a taste below.

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