12th Planet, Ookay, UZ. & More Take Over Orange County Tonight (11.25.15)

A three stage block party with industry heavyweights
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You might know the White Rabbit Group from their fun Thursday night parties "HAVOC" at the Yost Theater and not too long ago they also announced a series of parties at Avalon on Friday nights. But that's all pushed aside because today it's their first time curating a 3 stage block party. 

There's really no better time to throw it than the night before Thanksgiving with a line-up consisting of Ookay to Hardstyle master Coone, Trap lord UZ to Goshfather & Jinco. If you haven't heard of any of these artists I've put together a collection of tracks to help get you sorted. There is no work or school tomorrow so come out, have a good time, and dance your ass off before you munch on some turkeys. Grab a ticket here and I'll see you all tonight. Happy holidays everyone! 

"Needed Change" - Skrillex ft. 12th Planet 

Such a classic right here! One of my favorites from when I first started getting into electronic music. This is almost 4 years old now, but music never ages.

"Big" - Ookay

This is one producer that has made huge progress this past year. He is also from my hometown of sunny San Diego so I recall seeing him rise to where he is now. This is my personal favorite from him because it showcases his talent perfectly.

"Trap Shit V19 (feat. Problem)" - UZ 

This is one artist that I have a deep respect for hands down. Not only by his production, but also the way he has branded himself. His mask also makes him a little more interesting too.

"UBER" - Goshfather & Jinco x 1DAFUL 

That future house sound has got tons of attention these past few months. During that time I actually came across this gold mine of a beat that I played for almost 2 weeks straight. I know you''ll love it. 

"Work It' - Missy Elliot (Stooki Sound Remix) 

Hailing from London, this duo has a unique twist to their tracks. Its a nice mixture between these new future sounds & trap beats. Pretty neat I might say! 

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