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French Kiss Presents: A Birthday Celebration For Maurice Fulton

A costume ball at Good Room in Brooklyn on Halloween

This past Halloween, French Kiss Presents held the 8th Annual Dope Jam’s Halloween Ball at the Good Room. Headlining the night and celebrating his birthday was Maurice Fulton (Wunderkrammer) with support by Paul Nickerson (Demon Musik), Francis Englehardt (Demon Musik), and Jonathan Romero (Burnt Ship). In the Bad Room, the ever-talented resident, Lloydski, kept the party going all night. This particular night was a tough one for me, as I was hustling back and forth between two different shows. However, my heart belonged to the dance that night and the Good Room beckoned me with its sweet, sweet grooves.


The venue was decorated wonderfully, a delightful combination of fun and frightful in lieu of Halloween. The place was just absorbed in balloons, varying from small to big to GINORMOUS (and who doesn’t love freakishly large balloons?!). A giant creepy clown face, hung in all its glory behind the DJ booth, which was decked in spider webs. The lighting was low with a red hue that gave way to sexy dark vibes.

Doors opened at 10 PM and the club was swarmed with creatures and ghouls of the night. Music started off with a triple back-to-back with members of Slow to Speak; Jonathan Romero, Paul Nickerson and Francis Englehardt! They held the dancefloor strong and the room filled up quickly. By 12 AM, the Good Room was at capacity and a line formed outside of partygoers eager to go in. 

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The place was bumping as Maurice Fulton took over. Normally, on your birthday you generally get gifted, but Maurice spent his birthday gifting everyone with jams for an ultimate dance party. Looking over from behind the booth, it was cartoonish in the best possible way. Everyone was rocking out, dressed in crazy outfits and having a true “ball”. Penguin suit and all, I myself was jamming pretty hard … even got a little sweaty! Nothing like hearing, “Can You Feel It” by Chez Damier to really lose your shit!


However, the main room was not the only one going strong all night. In the Bad Room, Good Room resident, Lloydski, had the area crammed with bodies. Forget running between two different parties, I had issues managing two different rooms filled with glorious music. Lloydski gave dance, the funk and soul whereas, the main room was held with proper disco!

Nothing short of an amazing night and a helluva Halloween… considering I do not generally enjoy it. French Kiss Presents and the Good Room have successfully thrown down another event that was filled with energy, good vibes and overall enjoyment of the patrons. 

Good Room has much more coming up, click here for their fall lineup.

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