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The Bunk Police Smuggle Drug Testing Kits Into Festivals, Including 15,000 at Mysteryland

The use of drugs at music festivals is inevitable. The Bunk Police aim to make sure users are safe and aware of what they are taking

It's a widely discussed topic, drug use is something that is bound to happen at dance music events. People simply like to indulge in substances that heighten their experience. The most important aspect of this is to recognize the dangers of these substances in order to avoid fatalities and other health complications. 

In a new documentary due to air on CNN, Lisa Ling tracks down a group of "vigilantes" known as the Bunk Police. She linked up with a representative named Adam who went on to describe the vision for the Bunk Police and how they smuggle test-kits into music festivals.

"There is a vigilante here who is literally approaching people and offering a product to them that he believes is an essential part of the EDM experience... that vigilante is named Adam, and what he's selling aren't drugs, they're drug testing kits."

At Mysteryland this past year, the Bunk Police claim they had to sneak in around 15,000 drug testing-kits in order to make sure patrons who were indulging in drugs could do so in the safest way possible. 

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"He believes drug use is inevitable and his kits help to save lives."

In the trailer for the new show, due to air November 4th on CNN, Adam states that he believes about 50% of people at music festival are taking drugs. This is not such a far fetched idea and might even be a conservative estimate, but if you can't stop drug use, the best thing to do is make sure people taking them are properly educated. The Bunk Police aim to reduce the amount of fatalities at dance music events and if they can't stop people from taking drugs, they might as well try to reduce the risk.

Watch the trailer for This Is Life with Lisa Ling: Electronic Woodstock


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