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Over the past few years, many nations have been revising their drug policies to become more lenient when it comes to recreational use. Ireland is looking to decriminalize cocaine, marijuana and heroin while in the United States doctors are saying that MDMA-psychotherapy could be legal within the next 5 years. Drugs have long been a taboo in mainstream society, but recently it's becoming clear the public is more open to exploring ways to indulge. 

In Mexico, legislation has passed which allows for the growing of marijuana for personal use. Now the former Mexican president, Vincent Fox, has told Reuters that other drug legalization may soon follow.

"I think marijuana [legalisation] is a first step. It's now irreversible. The other drugs will take a longer cycle, say five to 10 years."

It's currently illegal to transport, sell or cultivate cocaine in Mexico, but since 2009 it's been legal to carry up to half a gram. 

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“Obama has to resolve his things over there and Peña Nieto has to make sure he sorts out this problem here,” Fox said. “Everything in good time.”

The stigma of drug use has come a long way since the days of Reefer Madness and it look like, when regulated, it can have a positive affect on society. Colorado, Washington D.C., Oregon, Alaska and Washington have all legalized marijuana and right now it seems to have been a smart play. It now looks like other states and countries will follow suit, although cocaine and heroin are definitely not the same as marijuana. 

[via The Guardian]

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