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Darius Takes Over Red Bull Studios Paris and Delivers A Quality Free Download

Two quality original productions for the French producer Darius
Darius Red Bull Studios Paris

Here's how it goes down at Red Bull Studios Paris: "One producer, one week’s residency at Red Bull Studios Paris, one EP for free download." It's a brilliant concept which has led to some amazing music from top notch producers in the industry. Previous sessions from Low Jack, French Fries & Bambounou, Pépé Bradock and Feadz have all been documented in the past. Now it's French house producer Darius who gets to take over the studio and he's delivered that smooth and sexy dance music we've come to expect. 

We're delighted to see the direction Darius took with his time spent at Red Bull Studios Paris. He's delivered two tracks that represent two very different sides of the producer. 'Cyan' is a subtle downtempo track with R&B style rhythms and some quality chimes to bring it all together. 'Pyor' on the other hand picks up the pace with an up-beat dance motif coupled with the distinctly soothing Darius synth sound. In just one week he's managed to deliver two very different productions that are dripping with Darius flavor, served up as a free download.

Listen and download both tracks below and find the other Red Bull Studios Paris projects here.

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