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Deadmau5 Goes Future Bass with New WIP Upload

Is it even Future Bass though?
Deadmau5 bio

You can say what you want about deadmua5, but one thing's for certain, he has legit production skills. He's been consistent with letting fans in on his production techniques by hosting live video sessions in the studio and also sharing unfinished tracks to Soundcloud. He recently went ahead with uploading a new WIP featuring a style we've yet to hear from him. 

It's refreshing to hear something new from deadmau5, even if it's only a short clip of an unfinished track. It shows that he's constantly pushing himself to stay at his best. Progressive House has been his musical classification for much of his career but he's also shown his versatility with some Dubstep and Downtempo productions. Last time we heard him take a different route with his musical style was with 'Omnifck' and what a beautifully dark and mysterious track it is. 

It looks like deadmau5 is still working on this new production which he has dubbed 'three pound chicken wing'. There's no telling what direction he'll take this one, but we're excited to hear it all come together. Listen to the new upload below and get glimpse of the new chapter of deadmau5.

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