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World's Favorite 3-Year Old, DJ Arch Jnr, Wins South Africa's Got Talent

DJ Arch Jnr is the youngest to ever with the Got Talent competition
DJ Arch Jnr

We all watched as he captivated millions with his home video DJ performance for friends and family in South Africa, but nobody could have predicted this. In a surprise move, 3 year old DJ Arch Jnr has just won South Africa's Got Talent.

His first appearance on the show was interesting in that the crowd and judges were really feeling his selection. He may not be mixing at all, or beat-matching, but his skill with the fader and knobs is up there with some of the best. If anything, it's amazing to see such a young person be so engaged with DJ equipment. Most kids his age are playing with action figures, dolls, coloring books and video games. DJ Arch Jnr's toy of choice is a laptop and midi controller. If he keeps practicing, he could be the next Tiesto.

Alright, enough of this. How did this little man win the competition? Is he really the most talented person in South Africa right now? It's hard to believe that he is, but he's been getting quite a lot of attention and I'm sure if he was in a club behind the DJ booth and started a set, most people wouldn't think twice about moving their feet. Not to mention he's already sponsored by Algoriddim, MINI, Beats By Dre and Boston Media House. He's by no means the best DJ out there, but at just 3 years old it's remarkable to see him handle the decks the way he does.

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Below you can watch the video of his winning performance.

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