DJ Sprinkles Captivates Brooklyn With His Deep Set at Output

Deep and Ambient House music hypnotized a packed crowd at Output

For someone who heavily dislikes Halloween, I sure started out the weekend proper. This past weekend, a notorious DJ graced us with his presence in Brooklyn. French Kiss Presents hosted local producer Ital and the highly acclaimed, DJ Sprinkles in the Panther Room at Output.

The Panther Room’s dance floor was packed out, as everyone came to see the legend who flew in all the way from Japan. The tone was set by popular local Ital who had an incredible grasp of the underground sound. His set was particularly spooky with his dark motifs and bass heavy rhythms. It fit perfectly with the decor of the venue that was decked out with a giant spider hanging from the ceiling. Ital's energy behind the decks put the crowd in a frenzy and the night had only just begun.

The true journey was launched when DJ Sprinkles entered the DJ booth and started enticing the audience to relax and fall into his ambient melodies. Smiles, hugs and laughter were circulating in the packed room, but that didn't stop anyone from sashaying all over the dancefloor. Movement was encouraged by delicate lows and highs at the beginning of the set, which then led to the deep groove everyone had been anticipating. Sprinkles enlightened us on what deep house should sound like, smooth and filled with a sensation of release.

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What was impressive was his rendition of Frankie Knuckles’ famous 'The Whistle Song'. DJ Sprinkles took every element of that track and made his own, right in front of us. It was enigmatic and further in everyone got entangled in what is my favorite track by him, “Why Don’t You Take A Chance and Dance”! Good god, we danced and we pranced!

French Kiss Presents was in the right to bring DJ Sprinkles in and the Panther Room was a perfect intimate setting, cramped or not. The night went on way past its supposed ending time and I personally stayed until the very last second and even hung around to hang out after the music had finished. The passion for the dance was felt that night and DJ Sprinkles truly put us in a daze. Stay tuned for more coming from DJ Sprinkles and Magnetic ;-)


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