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Techno-heads rejoice, this fall a new event has joined the ranks within the Brooklyn underground community.

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Down. has emerged as a force to be reckoned with after a massive first two months on the scene. For their first party they hosted Techno legend Juan Atkins with a few local DJs in Steve Amoroso, Blackey II and Myroslaw Bytz. Down. followed with four more events at the same location before throwing their Techno extravaganza of a Halloween event. A Bold move for a new promoter to go up against so many other Halloween parties going on at the same time, but they held their own.

The line-up consisted of serious talent such as Terrence Dixon, Mike Servito, and Frankie Bones with support by Joeski, Kimyon, Intimate Project Marco Loco and Steve Amoroso. The event sold great and space was comfortable and not too crowded with a comfortable level of intimacy. 

I got a chance to do a little Q & A with the team and get a feel as to what they aim to bring to the local underground scene: 

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Who is the team behind Down?

Steve Amoroso: Four lean green ninjas on the party scene. Tom Mello (leads), Steve Amoroso (makes machines), Jean-Michelle (is cool but rude), Carmine (is a party dude).

Where does the techno theme derive from?

S: I guess from our bookings because we never thought of our self as "techno themed." "DOWN." was created as a sanctuary for battered club kids, a place where your can hear proper music/DJs/producers from the house/techno world in an intimate setting. We kind of turned to each other with this concept and said, "I'm down!"

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Techno is a unique genre, a niche if you will. Did that just naturally become the parties' specialty?

S: I live and breath this. I was once a lost adolescent roaming the streets of New York City looking for a place I belonged, a reason to move on from a personal tragedy when I walked into my first "night club" on a House/Techno night and found myself lost in the music. For just a few hours, I was in a trance / under the spell of music and the DJ was our tour guide. I forgot about all my worries & my problems, and just danced until the sun came up and then some. I was hooked, I was in love, and I've never looked back since. 

Tom Mello: Next year I celebrate 25 years of producing events so I better be a fan. Music was my first love and it will be my last. Music of the future, and music of the past. 

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How important is it for Down. to develop local artists?

S: Very! We've all been around the world to some of the biggest and best clubs around. But ain't' no party like a Brooklyn party! And there ain't' no DJ like a New York DJ! We got our own flavor and style. There are so many talented DJ's that don't get their proper respect & shine. Of course, we have to sell tickets to stay afloat so we'll book big acts that will draw too, but you bet your ass that supporting act local guy right before or after him/she is gonna kick ass! So come early & stay late.

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Any specific plans for the future aside from holding events?

S: Locking myself in my music studio until I'm done with whatever it is I'm working on, or start to smell. 

T: Producing events is all I know so keep a look out for Down. coming to a city near you! 

Knowing there was a variety of competing parties on Halloween, what made you want to throw that party?

S: Dude... did you see our lineup? ;-)

How did you go about putting together the Halloween lineup?

S: It started with the amazing Terrence Dixon (A pioneer of Detroit techno), Mike Servito (Bunker resident / rising star / kick ass DJ), Kimyon (a local legend), Steve Amoroso (afro acid producer & resident DJ of down), Intimate Project (a kick ass locally based duo), Marco Loco (one of the best DJ's I've ever heard / mixmaster from Ibiza), Frankie Bones (techno pioneer from Brooklyn), & last but not least Joeski (one of the best producers in the game).

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

Photo Credit: Basil Collective

What are some artists you're looking forward to booking in the future?

S: Now if I told you that, I'd have to kill you.


Keep an eye out on their Facebook for upcoming events! 

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