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BREAKING: Paris Drumcode Party Among Rumored ISIS Targets

OpParis Intel releases list of  alleged ISIS targets, Anonymous distances themselves from group.

An affiliate of the hacktivist group Anonymous caused quite the stir earlier today when it released what it claimed was a list of events which ISIS allegedly planned to attack on the 22nd. Concrete Nightclub's Drumcode label party was among the targets making Parisian music fans justifiably paranoid as they recover from the Friday the 13th attacks that shocked the world. 

The story broke via the International Business Times, who included the full list and even spoke with who they believed was a member of Anonymous, before being picked up by several outlets and spreading like wild fire. This prompted both the nightclub and Anonymous themselves to reject the validity of the claim.

After getting some attention -- and surely twitter followers -- these Internet Faux-rriors took down their original post and replaced it with a nice and neat "Mission Accomplished" message, leaving several music and news publications looking foolish linking to nothing.

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In response to the original attacks, French club owners united in saying that "No one will stop Paris from dancing!" and decided to go back to business as usual this weekend. If you allow this hoax to scare you out of attending this stellar Sunday day party, the terrorists win. 

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