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Elastic Artists Booking Agency is Holding Payments from Artists

Artists on the Elastic Artists roster include Dixon, Âme, Evian Christ and more

Elastic Artists has issued a letter to their artists saying they are currently facing "financial difficulties" and cannot issue payments. 

According to it's website Elastic Artists is the booking agency for the likes of Dixon, Âme, Evian Christ, Brenmar, Detroit Swindle, Obey City, Horse Meat Disco and much more. RA got their hands on a letter that was sent to the artists which outlines the agency's struggles.

In the letter, Elastic Artists says it "is currently experiencing financial difficulties which have meant we are unable to release monies to clients for shows that have already taken place." The letter adds: "We are exploring options to restore the company's liquidity and to transfer the ownership of the business to a new team."

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The agency claims that non of the "existing team of agents nor the company's management are in any way implicated in the current problems, and none were privy to the underlying options until the past few days." 

Musicians are already expressing their distaste for the situation. Founder of Eglo Alex Nut tweeted: "Can your accounts department please reply to my emails and pay me the money I am owed." No word has been given as to when the arists can expect to be paid. We'll have more information as it arises.

[via RA]

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