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Ferrofluids x Glow Sticks Create Some Cool Results

Get your geek on with with this trippy combo that creates some amazing tripped out visuals
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Ferrofluids Glow

Ferrofluids x Glowstick Juice x Blacklight = Awesome

First of all you are probably wondering what the hell Ferrofluids are? These are liquids that become strongly magnetized in the presence of a magnetic field. So that means when you put a magnetic in close proxemity to these fluids they act all crazy and dance around. 

What happens when you crack open a glowstick and dump that into the mix, a whole lot of awesome that's what. You think LED screens are cool, image if DJs had giant glowing Ferrofluid visuals. 

Just add a blacklight and let the fun begin. Check out the video below from Physics Girl that we found on the Zamnesia site. Ravers can get all Billy Nye Science Guy too! 

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