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Founder of Tresor Looks to Open Techno Museum in Berlin

In Germany, two museums with a focus on Techno are slated to open in the next two years
Techno museum germany

Although many credit Detroit with being the driving force for innovating Techno, it's also widely accepted that Berlin is a hub that helped expand the awareness of the genre. Now Germany will be getting a pair of museums with a focus on Techno in order to represent the history that has prompted the evolution of dance music culture. 

In 2017 the MOMEM, Museum of Modern Electronic Music, will take root in Frankfurt, Germany. The co-founder of the project, Alex Azary, describes how people may have thought dance music was a fad that would fade out. It's now proving to be one of the fastest growing cultures in the modern world and it's important to let the public know of the history behind it.

“Either they said this is a short fashion thing anyway, or it’s only a drug thing, or it’s music of low quality and so on, but I have always seen that there was way more to it, especially that it was more than only music or going out for the weekend,” Azary states. “I always saw the artistic and creative approach of this culture, that it was inspiring people of different cultures and different scenes; that it was not only a music and cultural movement, but even a youth movement; and last not least, that it was changing people’s lives and people’s senses. At least, it changed mine.”

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It now looks like the MOMEN in Frankfurt will not be the only new Techno focused museum in Germany as the founder of the legendary Tresor club, Dimitri Hegemann, has announced he too will be spearheading a project for a museum to open in 2016. “I will call it the Living Archive of Elektronika, ‘cause techno here in Berlin is still a living, inspiring and vivid movement,” Hegemann declares.

MOMEN is currently raising funds for the project and looking to acquire artifacts that represent the Techno culture. The city of Frankfurt has also provided a free-lease on the site where the museum is due to be established. To find out more about the project and possibly contribute to the artifacts, visit the official website or Facebook page.

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