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Frank Wiedemann of Âme: "You can't plan music, you just make the music you want."

Frank Wiedemann talks about his first solo EP and what he aims to share with his music
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Frank Wiedemann came to Boston for a special Âme live set and was met with a massive crowd of fans eager to hear his distinctly deep brand of Techno. His show brought a line that went down almost three blocks for a little venue called, Phoenix Landing. The place was packed full and I'm sure many who waited in line were turned away.

I managed to get a brief fifteen minutes with Frank after the show to ask him some questions about his musical outlook. He's a unique individual who possesses an immense amount of knowledge for constructing his sound. He shared insight into his live performance, plans for his Innervisions label and also reveals that he's working on his first solo EP. We can't wait to share that with you, so watch this space for more news coming soon.

What experience were you trying to bring to the people tonight?

Well, I am always trying to show people that techno is also awesome music. What this means is that a lot of things can happen during the set and I am to show harmonies and melodies to try and convince the listener that what we are doing is quite okay.

I know you guys play separately on purpose, is there a point in the future where you guys are planning to perform together?

We kind of have this non-spoken agreement that we would do it like this because we see each other every week in the studio. That's not necessarily the case anymore, but the first ten years or something we would see each other every weekend. Since I started playing live sets it doesn't really make that much sense to play together. I mean, because you know how it is when you go to a club, you have a two hour slot as a headliner and split this into a one hour DJ set and a one hour Live set. It's not a great deal and its not fun for each of us, so I think we will keep it like this, but there will be and have been parties where we just play one night together the whole night and it's happening again next year in Oval space in London. 

Is there a particular piece of gear you favor when you play live?

The gear that I use when I play live is not spectacular, it's almost all controllers. It's more about the gear that I use to record the STEMS that I play live and that's a lot of analog gear that I have in the studio. For live I try to keep it simple and easy to travel with.

What provokes you to make deep and hypnotic dance music, where do you draw your inspiration from?

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It just happens. There is no plan behind this, you can't plan music, you just make the music you want.

Now going into your Howling project, since Sacred Ground, how has your fanbase grown?

The year was beautiful, I didn't expect it because nowadays you never know. 10 years ago you can see the reaction of people from record sales which is not happening anymore because you don't really sell records anymore. So the only honest chance to see if people like what you are doing is to play shows and, I have to say, we had a wonderful year. 

Like an unexpectedly great year with a lot of really really good shows, not only in cities like London, Amsterdam, Berlin or where we have our fan-base, but even in cities like Antwerp or Dublin, where we haven't had a specific fan-base for our music, we've had good and surprisingly sold out shows. 

Is Howling going to be doing anything special, in the coming year?

Yeah, we are definitely doing another tour next year, not as long as this year. And we are already working on new music.

Aside from Howling, are you currently working on any other projects?

I am actually working on my first solo EP, as Frank Wiedemann. Which hopefully will see the light of day in the next year, but I am pretty slow. Also, I don't know if there ever will be a release, but it's so much fun working with Henrik Schwarz. It's almost only about playing live and creating stuff live, it's like the opposite of a planned set. With Henrik, everything just happens in the moment.

Check out Frank Wiedemann on Facebook as well as Âme and Howling on Soundcloud.

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