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FREELIFE x TOKiMONSTA Limited Edition T-shirt

TOKiMONSTA gets her own FREELIFE shirt design from the creative mind of The Bixel Boys

FREELIFE has built a reputation for designing both forward thinking and nostalgic street wear. With their deconstruction of pop-culture icons, they bring widely popular logos into their own underground world. They recently teamed up with TOKiMONSTA on a new limited edition T-shirt that features a subversive take on popular sporting motifs, re-imagining the iconic Raiders jersey and bringing it to the streets.

"We wanted to appropriate the idea of uniforms, because they’re not only a status symbol in many cities, but also a symbol of belonging to a team and feeling like part of a community," says Ian MacPherson, Creative Director of FREELIFE. "FREELIFE was founded on that idea, to encourage people to come together and live their most authentic lives, no matter what lifestyle or tribe your subscribe to."

"I relate to the FREELIFE guys because our music is strong and intense, yet there’s a sense of humor behind what we do too,” says Jennifer Lee, better known as TOKiMONSTA. “When we decided to collaborate, we wanted something that was instantly recognizable as a statement piece, but also something that would throw people off a little bit when they saw it."

Uniform-inspired logo patches adorn the sleeves, including a “BXL” patch that pays homage to The Bixel Boys, the creative duo behind FREELIFE. As a 100% cotton jersey, the short-sleeve tee features an elongated, unisex silhouette with capped sleeves and 3” side vents. Available from XS-XL, the T-shirt is available in extremely limited quantities, with only a few hundred shirts printed. Available now fro $45. Purchase Here

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