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Future Times Shares Free Compilation with Exclusives from Hunee, Jack J, Huerco S and more

A stacked collection of tracks in the FUTURE TIMES CATALOG + Compilation

A forward thinking record label with it's roots in the timeless styles and themes of tried and true dance music, Future Times has been a major player in the underground since it's inception. A futuristic style by nature with a sense of sophistication has had all eyes on this label in recent history with standout releases from Jack J, Hashman Deejay, Protect-U and Huerco S all in the past few years.  They recently dropped their FUTURE TIMES CATALOG + Compilation that features the best the label has had to offer. It's not every day that a label of this calibre gifts it's fans with some of it's best releases and we're overjoyed with the selection.

Noteworthy tracks include 'Thirstin' by Jack J, 'Folga' by Hunee, 'Untitled' by Unknown Artist, 'Swingonoguitaro' by Jordan GCZ and a couple Max D remixes. Check out the stream below and head over to the Future Times Bandcamp to scoop up the free download. 

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