The cold weather and early nights have started to permeate the Denver streets in the last week, as winter slowly creeps into the city. Something about the dark evenings brings out some of the deepest, darkest sounds in the electronic music scene. This was especially true when Gesaffelstein made his way to Beta Nightclub for a stop on his current North American tour.

The last time he was in Denver was in 2012 when he played the Ogden Theatre for the Sonar on Tour show and his ever evolving sound has solidified into something absolutely unique to techno and house music. White noise and analog sounds together with hard hitting techno bass mixed with rich, deep melodies are what Gesaffelstein is known for. His live sets are so multi-dimensional that it's hard not to get lost in the music.

Things kicked off at Beta early that night with local favorite, Marshall Monica, getting things warmed up. This guy has been crushing the Denver scene for years and is currently a resident DJ at Beta. Opening for acts like Mind Against, Pillow Talk, Danny Howells, and others while also playing local showcases around the city has made his name synonymous with the Denver electronic scene. Since the show was scheduled to end by midnight, people were packing into the club early and grooving hard to Marshall Monica’s mix of upbeat tempo and dark melodies.


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By 9PM Beta was full of dancing fanatics as Bromance Records pal and tour mate Gener8ion took to the decks. He made a big name for himself with his release The New International Sound last year and has been exploring some great musical avenues with his EP release of The New International Sound Pt. II. His bright sonic elements mixed in with heavy bass and that quintessential Bromance sound of dark, rebellious Hip-Hop aspects bled through the Funktion1 speakers and had the crowd clamoring for more.


It was around 10:30 when Gesaffelstein grabbed the reigns and took the crowd on a near 2 hour journey. His set was just as relentless as his cigarette smoking, which is basically non-stop. Unflinching, industrial techno pounded the dance floor as intense yet beautiful synth textures were skillfully woven into the mix by the talented Frenchman. He would speed up the tempo to a Drum and Bass rhythm and slow it back down to a Hip-Hop or Trap pace. Mixing in familiar singles like 'Control Movement' and 'Viol' had Beta going absolutely nuts as his set hit its climax. Then, without warning, he dropped straight into a remix of Dr. Dre and Ice Cube’s 'Natural Born Killaz' that led into his finale mix of 'Hellifornia' as the night came to a close. The reason Gesaffelstein has become a name synonymous with cutting edge industrial techno and house was on full display that night and the Denver crowd ate it up.


It seems as though Wednesday has now become a night to mark on the calendar with Afterhours Anonymous and Beta teamed up to bring in another high caliber show with Apollonia coming to town on November 25th. This is going to be a huge debut for Denver! Thanks for reading and, as always, ill see you on the dancefloor. 

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