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Get Down with Colorado's Rising Streetwear Brand

Behind the Scenes of I GET DOWN's F/W '16

Hidden in the Colorado Rocky Mountains is a clothing line that is asking everyone one simple question: Want to get down? 

Get down with what, you ask? Creativity. Imagination. Exploration. 

I GET DOWN Clothing & Apparel (IGD) urges people to get out, explore, and have fun in their lives as well as with their clothing. Thanks to the hook up from Colabination, a marketplace where you can discover more indepenedent local designers like IGD, I was able to get down with Tom Strehlow, the creative force behind the brand, and talk about their upcoming holiday line. 

More at Colabination

More at Colabination

Emily O’Rourke (EO): What inspires I GET DOWN? In your own words, could you tell us your goal for the company? 

Tom Strehlow (TS): The goal for I GET DOWN Clothing & Apparel is to create a movement of like-minded individuals that strive to radiate positivity, inspire creativity, and motivate others to make the world a better place. We are continuously inspired by everything that our world gives us. Our true inspiration is the beautiful state of Colorado, which provides us and many more with breathtaking landscapes, amazing people, our country's biggest playground. We constantly encourage people to find their passion and keep driving it forward for themselves and the people around them. Everyone in the world is different and brings something new to the table, and we believe that learning about and understanding those differences allows individuals to grow internally and figure out what they truly want in life. Our goal is not to create a company that makes a ton of money, but rather to inspire people to do what they love and love who they are. 

EO: How did you come up with your company name? 

TS: I GET DOWN developed throughout college and even after. I GET DOWN was more than just a phrase to me, it was a way to bring energy and excitement into any aspect of life. Rather than just answering with a yes, sure or ok, using the simple phrase of I GET DOWN not only provides a response to the question, but provides a feeling of more excitement and energy along with it. I GET DOWN and the mentality is completely different within each and every one of us, and we like it that way. 

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More at Colabination

More at Colabination

EO: What can we expect from your fall/winter collection? 

TS: You can expect a ton of new designs and styles of clothes for our Fall/Winter line. There are a lot more options for women's long sleeves, unisex sweatshirts, hats and winter beanies. You can find the fall/winter line photos within our Colabination Showroom and on I GET DOWN CO. I'm proud of these images because I think they really exemplify the IGD movement and team very well. It's laid back people having fun in a city that we love, which is right on point for us. We love Denver, Colorado and the Rocky Mountains and are very proud of our city and state. We are proud of our movement and the fun, outgoing, awesome people that are involved. 

EO: What’s in store for 2016? 

TS: You can expect a lot from I GET DOWN in the new year. Working with a bunch of different designers in our area allows us to create fresh, new, awesome designs that keep our customers on their toes and always wanting more. With a push to get into more retail stores in Colorado and beyond, we're making a push to create a marketing kit and lookbook in order to provide retailers with a quick snapshot of what they could have in their store. Also, we're looking into new, innovative products involving socks, bamboo sunglasses and more. 

More at Colabination

More at Colabination

EO: What is your ideal collaboration? 

TS: My ideal collaboration is involving another brand or brands with IGD so that the collab is mutually beneficial for both parties. Here in Colorado, we have a very collaborative market and other companies are quick to help out and grow together. We are mostly streetwear, stuff that is comfortable and people can get down in, so we like to collab with any company involving outdoors, skiing, nature, skateboarding, pretty much any way people can get down outside. 

If you've ever spent more than a layover in the beautifully vast state of Colorado, you know there is a movement happening there. A movement led by forward-thinking minds and adventure seekers that have given the world some of the best musicians, crafters and creators of this generation. If you've read this article, you now know I Get Down Co is part of this movement- And we can't wait to see what they create next.

Shop I Get Down Co.'s Holiday Collection on Colabination now.

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