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Funk Meets Disco with Hot Chip at Good Room this Winter

Hot Chip brings their distinct brand of dance music to Brooklyn

I will forever blow kisses and gush about the glory that has become the Good Room in Brooklyn. 


Fellow dancers brace yourselves, Saturday, December 26th, Greenpoint is going to get slapped hard with some beautiful indie dance music. Everyone needs to brave the cold that day and make their way to the dancefloor to catch, Billy Caldwell, Tom of England and then the pièce de résistance, Hot Chip (DJ Set). 

Within the past 15 years, Hot Chip are one of the most distinctive and innovative bands combining dance music and indie. As DJs, Hot Chip brings the essence of their live show to the decks by fusing all their influences from funk and disco to techno and house. 2015 has been a big year for the Londoners, releasing both an album and an EP this year. 'Why Make Sense?' found them reuniting with In Our Heads producer Mark Ralph and exploring sounds ranging from disco to '90s R&B to post-punk. Their four track EP ‘Dancing In the Dark’ was released last month with a psychedelic version of the Springsteen classic along with edits of other tracks.

But, it's not always about the headliners! 

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Billy Caldwell for TimeOut Magazine

Billy Caldwell for TimeOut Magazine

Billy Caldwell is a Good Room resident and part of Love Tempo with Justin Strauss. Billy made his name at legendary Manchester clubs like HOME, The Hacienda and the Paradise Factory as well as the infamous Epping Walk After Hours Party. He went on to play major clubs across the UK and Europe and for the last 20 years he has spun alongside the world’s top DJs building a solid reputation as a versatile and eclectic DJ. He is a regular on The 808 State Radio Show on KISS FM and SUNSET FM as well as Moss Side Pirate Radio.

And over in the Bad Room, Tom of England is going to be taking care of business!

Thomas Bullock a.k.a. Tom of England

Thomas Bullock a.k.a. Tom of England

Over the past 25 years musician, producer and DJ Thomas Bullock has been instrumental in music projects that have been definitive of their moment: UK's Tonka Parties, San Fransisco's Wicked Crew, NYC's A.R.E. Weapons & Rub N Tug, and Map of Africa with DJ Harvey. He's also the man behind Save The Day Records, runs Spirit Bear Mezcal and is a Good Room resident.

This is probably going to be an incredible night of blissful dancing and modern grooves that will leave you feeling like you have been tickled by little spirits all night!... Or you may just have a really fun time, but I digress. 

So run on over and RSVP on the Facebook event page... like immediately!!

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