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IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro Midi Keyboard (37 Keys) Review

The ultimate MIDI keyboard for producers on the go

The iRig Keys Pro is another great solution for mobile producers from IK Multimedia. It's very portable, light, has full sized keys, phantom power and is priced at a very reasonable $149. Whether you are using a Mac/iOS/PC, this is a MIDI keyboard worth considering. 

I'm in the middle of the typical MIDI keyboard/controller crisis, what's the best one to take where for what. I currently have four in my rotation for my Ableton Live set-up, but not one has proven to be the best for everything. 

None of the controllers that I'm currently using aside from the iRig Keys Pro is that great with an iPad, so this is the first plus. It's great if you want just to pack it up to take along to sketch out some ideas on your iPad at the coffee house or at your hotel. 


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The unit has full-sized keys, 37 of them to be exact which cover three full octaves. The other controls featured are a Volume/Data knob, Pitch Ben Wheels, some soft-touch buttons and the Set button that lets you save your mapping as well as recall four different versions of mapping you might have set up. 

Did I mention it's light, the plastic case makes this a keyboard that is easy to transport? It also works right out of the box with both a Mac or PC (yuck). All cables included: Lighting, 30 Pin, and USB and features phantom power (it draws the power off your device). 


The iRig Keys Pro is a well made MIDI keyboard for producers that want a basic set-up that's portable and at great price point. It's full-size keys, lightweight build, and phantom power are all features that make it perfect for the prosumer producer on the go. It's also a great unit for a simple home studio. 

Price - 149$ / 110 Eur / 99 £ approx.

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