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In Conversation With Edu Imbernon

Valencian producer Edu Imbernon fills us in on his musical upbringing and the vision for his labels
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It’s always refreshing to see an artist not only producing their own music, but dedicated to playing a part in the success of fellow artists. Edu Imbernon has done just that with his crystal clear vision of the music he wants to produce and release. With a residency at Space Ibiza this year and his second label Fayer championing the likes of Metronomy, Adriatique and David August, he proves that hard work and determination really do pay off.

Edu’s video for his new track “Fixing Fires” was released last week - a mystifying fantasy set in a misty woodland. It aptly captures the dreamlike yet eerie nature of the track; a simple yet stirring melody which lays the perfect foundation for Archivist’s smooth effortless vocals.

We talked to the man himself about his labels, his dream collaboration and that one track that always gets a play in his set.

How has 2015 been? Have you had a busy year?

2015 has been amazing. Best year so far, lots of work in the studio plus key gigs like Coachella, Tomorrowland and Space Ibiza residency.

You've just released your first track on your own imprint Fayer and the label seems to be going from strength to strength. Did you have a clear idea of the artists you wanted to involve?

100%, Fayer is a very specific concept and sound. The label is growing nicely and I think 2016 is gonna be a key year for it.

How does Fayer differ to Eklektisch (Edu's other label)? Did you set out to achieve something different with Fayer?

Fayer is focussed on Indie/Electronica records with top notch remixers. Eklektisch is focussed on House/Techno records with upcoming remixers.

Maya Jane Coles remixed your new track "Fixing Fires", how did that come about? Did she approach you?

I've loved Maya's music for a long time, I did a remix for her a few years ago and I've always wanted her to remix a record of mine, I thought this was the right moment so we got in touch and she said yes.

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You started DJing when you were 16. Has music always been the end goal? What was your relationship with music like growing up?

Definitely! I grew up with music around me, my dad plays piano and my older brothers were always listening to electronic music, a great combo in my opinion!

You can hear influences from many different genres in your music. If you could collaborate with any artist, who would it be?

Probably The XX, would love to make a record with them.

Is there a track you always play in your sets? One that doesn't leave your record bag?

Since more than 7 months ago: Arthur Oskan - Lovebug. Absolute beauty!

What will 2016 bring? Anything big on the horizon?

Lots of original music!

Check out Edu’s new video “Fixing Fires” Feat. Archivist

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