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Premiere: 'Knockin' by Jesse Calosso via The Martinez Brothers' Cuttin' Headz Imprint

A rhythm assault from Jesse Calosso
Jesse Calosso

Magnetic Magazine is proud to present the premiere of "Knockin" by Jesse Calosso off of the fifth ever Cuttin' Headz release entitled The Incoming EP. The label headed by The Martinez Brothers has been relatively quiet since it's inception in 2013, but each release compliments the other in a cohesive way and The Incoming EP will surely follow suit.

"Knockin" is a no-nonsense dancefloor weapon that continues the Cuttin' Headz tradition of focusing on the groove so as to get maximum effect on the dancefloor. It's pure rhythm and it's relentless. Just try sitting still to this one.

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The Incoming EP is due to be released on vinyl on November 13th then digitally on November 27th. 

Jesse Calosso is a Bronx-born DJ/producer who's part of a tight circle of New York area artists, including The Martinez Brothers and Filsonik, with whom he has a longtime friendship and collaborative history. The Incoming further solidifies Cuttin' Headz’s reputation as a home for the distinctive New York house sound that the Martinez Brothers have continually championed.   

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