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Kill The Noise Takes On Trump In New Video

Electronic Music can be political, we just need more artists willing to stand up and voice their opinions
Claymation Trump

Claymation Trump

In the latest Kill The Noise music video for the track "Kill It 4 The Kids (Feat. AWOLNATION & R.City) we see a peaceful claymation landscape get destroyed by a malicious claymation Donald Trump or "Tronald Dump" as he is referred to in the video.

The song (and video) makes a pretty simple and cliched point, too much corporate influence ruins things and corrupts our values as a society. It might have been funnier if it was a music festival getting ruined by big corporations, but best not to shit where you eat I suppose if you are playing corporate festivals.

It's cool to see electronic music get political and have some kind of stance on the modern day issues we are all dealing with. We don't have a voice like Rage Against The Machine in EDM. Why not? 

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This is the music of Gen Y and things are rough out there right now, scary even. The environment is literally dying in front of you, the socio economic divide is rapidly expanding and eliminating the middle class and there is an election at hand. 

I hope we see more political voices rise up in the EDM scene, it's desperately needed. Check the video below. 


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