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Lido Declares 'No More Remixes' After SoundCloud Account Frozen

Lido's SoundCloud account is the latest collateral damage in the ongoing war between record labels and SoundCloud.

A few months ago, I wrote an op-ed declaring that the end of SoundCloud bootlegs had arrived following a massive purge initiated by labels issuing large amounts of DMCA takedowns across the platform. Unfortunately, in the ongoing royalty-related battle, artists and fans have ended up bearing the brunt of the impact. The most recent victim is Lido, who had his SoundCloud account frozen earlier today.

As a result, Lido has declared via Twitter that the world will see "no more remixes from [him]" until his album comes out. Lido also announced his intent to release one final remix before the prolific producer's silence begins: we will update this post if and when this release happens. This story serves as another cautionary tale that artists are losing their patience with the great war on SoundCloud, and that both labels and Soundcloud are losers in this battle. Check out what Lido had to say about the matter below.

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