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Meet Lisa Ling: '90s Rave Queen Turned CNN Reporter

The world may finally get the education they need regarding rave culture and drug use, all thanks to Lisa Ling
Lisa Ling

I met Lisa Ling at the Mysteryland press area where she was sitting down by a tray full of watermelon. I was parched and had been roaming the festival grounds the entire weekend, that watermelon was calling to me. She explained that the delicious looking slices were for her CNN crew, but after she looked into my eyes and noticed how much i needed nourishment, she handed me a piece of juicy watermelon. Little did I know she was documenting an episode for her new series This Is Life with Lisa Ling.

In a recent article penned by Lisa Ling, a CNN reporter, she reveals incite into the world of rave culture and drug use from her own perspective. This may very well be the first time a major figure in the mainstream media has detailed such personal information as to state they were a rave kid who had previously indulged in drug use.

In the article she goes on to describe what it was like going to raves in the '90s. Back then dance music was purely for the counter-culture, those wishing to escape the mainstream and release the stress that was felt during their daily lives. Phone numbers would be collected on the day of the event and later into the night a call would be made to give out an address. From that initial address a correspondent would point out the actual location of the event, most of the time it was an abandoned warehouse. 

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"At the time, raves and Ecstasy went hand in hand," states Ling as she described the environment of the warehouse events. When she first was offered E she recalls how her friends, who were all fully functioning members of society, stated that the drug was non-addictive.

"When the drug kicked in, an incomparable feeling of joy overwhelmed my senses. Worries fluttered away and euphoria filled my soul and my heart. The intense beats of the electronic music penetrated every part of my body.

"When I was dancing, I felt devoid of any self-consciousness -- yet, I was equally content when I was sitting down vigorously rubbing a friend's arm. A simple touch or the caressing of a body part was utterly blissful. But the E wasn't always as it was sold."

For many within the dance music culture, drugs are an integral part of enjoying the experience. Of course, music has been proven to be enjoyable whether you're on drugs or not, but when it comes to music festivals it seem like a large percentage of patrons are possibly high. 

Lisa's experience with rave culture and drugs gave her insight into an episode of her new series called This Is Life with Lisa Ling. For the episode she contacted members of an organization called The Bunk Police who were smuggling a large number of drug testing-kits into the music festival known as Mysteryland. Lisa Ling and CNN documented this experience in order to bring to light the dangers of not knowing what substance is in fact inside that little baggy. 

For more information on This Is Life with Lisa Ling, click here.

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