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Magnetic Exclusive: Mixes from Wigzen with Erlon and Carol Ferraz with Ju Lee

We catch up with the DJs at Afterhours: Therapy and present exclusive mixes

Last weekend, I made my way to Providence, Rhode Island to attend an Afterhours show at Therapy to support two of my friends, Wigzen B2B Erlon and Ju Lee B2B Carol Ferraz. It was my first time at the venue and I have to say that I did really like it. The front room was spacious with pretty sick visuals behind the decks and some lounge couches. The main room was mostly dancefloor (just the way I like it) and the sound system was holding it's end.

I had no intentions of reviewing this particular event, but after having such a great time in the front room and hearing two different back to backs, I have to say I was impressed. Though most of the attendance was for the purpose of Joe Grossman and Miss Jennifer, it was clear to me that I was not on the same page as the rest of the crowd. I generally try and stay clear of such strong opinions regarding music because taste is arbitrary, but that night I was genuinely surprised at where the crowd gravitated toward. The music in the main room was so not my cup of tea; I couldn't even spend time in the “VIP” room (behind the main room) because I could hear every decibel, blasting from the speakers and through the walls.

It was a slow night to begin with, so the overall attendance was low and the front room didn't have much of a crowd. I have previously done a profile on a Boston local, Wigzen (Mmmmaven/Cenote) and his unique live production skills, so I was familiar with his distinct style. That night, he teamed up with another Boston local; Erlon (Offbeat/DeepMusic) and the two of them could not have been a better combination. Erlon’s deep house variations combined with Wigzen’s live chords really created a unique and groovy three hours that deserved a bigger audience. Awesome openers with a good potential to be the main.

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Following them was another back-to-back of NYC’s very own, Carol Ferraz (ebb + flow) and Boston local, Ju Lee (Fractaltribe). This was my first time hearing them and the two ladies really broke it down… or maybe that was me? They brought a sensual combination of dance and techno with throws of house beats. Far from Tech-House, but just enough of a good mix to really leave the room filled with movement from everyone. I was unable to stay for the entire set, but for the duration that I was there, I never left the front room.

I enjoyed the two back-to-back sets so much; I had both duos put together exclusive mixes for Magnetic Mag’s Soundcloud. Check them out here:

Exclusive set by Wigzen with an additional 30min b2b with Erlon:

Exclusive set by Carol Ferraz b2b Ju Lee:

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