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Magnetic Magazine Guest Podcast: Wild & Free

Wow, there's so many colors in Wild & Free's guest mix!
Wild & Free

Wild & Free

"WOW! There's so many colors!", exclaims a voice at the beginning of Wild & Free's guest podcast for Magnetic Magazine, and that exclamation is absolutely accurate. George Cochrane and Drew Kramer, the multi-instrumentalist members of Wild & Free, are all about celebrating life, and this week they deliver a mix for Magnetic that is all about making life better for everyone.

This mix embraces the many shades of dance music, and it also puts Wild & Free's glorious aesthetic front and center.  Listen through and love it, but don't fight the feeling; you need to be a Wild & Free fan forever.

Also this week, we see the release of their latest EP on Rock It Science Labs, "The MoonHowler" EP, and maybe there are a few tracks from that stellar work in this mix... OH! They also were kind enough to answer a few questions, so read the interview below!

What is Wild & Free all about?

Our music is intended to be a carefree celebration of the beauty and wonder in life. We want to give people something to smile about.

Is there a theme to this mix? What do you hope people take away?This mix is a tribute to the fact that dance music comes in many shades, and that those outwardly disparate colors can coexist in harmony.

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How would you describe the Wild & Free sound and style?
Wild & Free music tends to blend detailed organic sounds with digital precision. We like to sing and play guitars and drums as much as we love to wild out on a new modular patch, and we hope that it shows.

When can we expect your next release?

We’re currently celebrating the release of our new record “The Moonhowler EP” (on LA’s RIS Labs label). Our next big thing will be a full LP, expected early next year, and we’re planning on bringing out some more goodies in the meantime.

What is one deep though you have been having lately?

Cilantro: Ingredient, or lifestyle?

Closing Thoughts?

We want to give love to our listeners and all of those that have helped us so
far, and we hope that folks have as much fun doing dishes to our new mix as we did in making it.

Check out both tracks from "The Moonhowler EP" below!

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