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Hailing from Kyoto, Kazumichi Komatsu, who goes by the stage name Madegg, is a rising star in the Japanese electronic music scene. He has supported the likes of Ryoji Ikeda, Clark, Mount Kimbie, Tim Hecker, The Field, Arca, Matthewdavid, Mark Fell (SND) in Japan and also played SonarSound Tokyo/Osaka 2013 as youngest artist that year. Moving freely between dubstep, house and noise, part of the fun of listening to Madegg is not knowing what he’ll come up with next. 

Madegg has shared with us an exclusive mix consisting of a diverse selection of music that has propelled him to the forefront of Japanese electronic music. It's time for the world to hear his sound and we know you'll be into his artistic expression.

He's currently getting set to release his third full length album titled NEW. By using mainly hardware and analog synthesizers, Madegg is able to create a world of thoughtfully woven melodies and basslines that shimmer with beauty and anxiety. The entire album transcends classification by embracing concepts of juxtaposition, sacred forms, intimacy and savagery. A pulse of emptiness sets the stage for each track before floating into its own ambience. Techno, raw-house, drone, industrial, body music, ambient… NEW is as complex and original as any album you will ever hear. Get to know this unique artist with our Magnetic Exclusive mix, below.

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NEW by Madegg will be released November 18th via flau. Pre-Order Here

Follow Madegg: Facebook | Twitter | Soundcloud

Magnetic Podcast: Madegg - Tracklist: 
1.? - ? 
2.3rd Face - Canto Della Liberta 
3.Chicago Skyway - Confusion 
4.? - ? 
5.Mzungu - The Third 
6.Hand of God - Jeremy’s Playhouse 
7.Harmonious Thelonious - Verwobene Muziek 
8.Aquarian Foundation - Dream Of The Red Chamber  
9.Newworldaquarium - The Dead Bears 
10.STL - Jungle Sometimes 
11.Tani Mtslu - Peeled Lemons 
12.Grey People - Mercury 
13.NAP - Don't Forget The Records 
14.Farben - Das Chinesenschwert 
15.? - ? 
16.? - ?

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