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In a surprise move back in August, Martin Garrix announced his departure from Spinnin' Records and his management team at MusicAllStars. His reason for leaving the label that helped launch his career was due to who controlled the rights to his music. The label responded to Garrix, stating they agreed to his terms, but he still chose to part ways. It now looks like that dilemma has spawned a new lawsuit.

The producer is claiming that his manager, Eelko van Kooten, deceived him with “false and misleading information,” that led to him signing over the rights to his music to Spinnin' Records. This type of deceit is not something that seems outlandish as Garrix was only 17 when his hit track 'Animals' was released. The lawsuit claims that during contract negotiations, “Only the interests of Van Kooten itself were optimally looked after” when negotiating. It's hard to say what went on in those rooms during negotiations, but Garrix clearly feels that he was taken advantage of, and he might be right.

Although artists should be given the benefit of the doubt in situations like this (when a 17 year old signs over rights to a potentially valuable product), that is not the case within the legal system. It looks like Garrix better strap in for a lengthy legal battle as artists rarely get back the ownership of their music after they sign with a label. It's the slippery slope that has plagued artists in the music industry since people realized they could make money of someone else's art. That's business and it sucks, but it's all part of the game. 

[via De Telegraaf]

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