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matus absence seizure

Matuss of Absence Seizure

Absence Seizure is a new Limited Edition vinyl only imprint based in NYC, brought to you by local DJs and producers Matuss and Abe Duque. Last month we spoke with label boss and founder Julia Matus who shed light on the unique vision for the label.

The third release from Absence Seizure features 4 brilliantly crafted tracks from label head Matuss. The Aladiss EP includes four beautiful late night dance tracks, both deep and hypnotic, with a bit of some dark funky spice. Providing a special touch to the release is Anastasia Podolskaya who presents one of a kind Rorschach style artwork.

Deep Techno, Soulful Minimal, Shallow House, Mesmerizing Music, Absence Seizure!

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Absence Seizure 003 - Aladiss EP by Matuss, released on November 2nd. Purchase

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