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Meet The World's Biggest Daft Punk Fan

His extensive collection is mind-blowing

If you think you're a big fan of Daft Punk, you might want to meet Djamal, the "world's biggest" Daft Punk fan. He even has his own website, Daftworld, which is dedicated to the dance music robots and has been sharing every new bit of information about them since Djamal started it back in 2005. Now he as over 250,000 followers on Facebook.

In a documentary by filmmaker Nicolas Capiaux, Djamal takes us through his experience with the robots and reveals his extensive collection of Daft Punk memorabilia. He has everything from rare pressings of vinyl to action figures and limited edition artwork. It's likely the most extensive collection of Daft Punk gear in the world.

Watch the documentary below to get inside the mind of Daft Punk's biggest fan.

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