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Free Download: Roots Manuva - 'Get The Get' (Mia Dora Remix)

We revisit a track you may have overlooked, available as a free download
Mia Dora

With numerous tracks being released every day, music is constantly evolving. Everybody seems to be concerned with what's new and hot right now and they forget that a truly brilliant track won't be forgotten. With that being said, there are those tracks that stand the test of time as being relevant no matter when it was released.

"Can't believe this was out 4 years ago! Our first ever remix."

Mia Dora remixed Roots Manuva to deliver and outstanding dance track. Some may remember when Ninja Tune released this nearly 4 years ago, and today it still possesses all those quality elements that make a track stand out. It's always nice to revisit tracks like this to let us know that, yes music has changed a lot over the years, but we can always dig back into the catalogue to recognize the ones that may have been overlooked.

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