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Google Play Shares Free Download of The Entire Thriller Album by Michael Jackson

Google Play celebrates the 33 year anniversary of Thriller. If you don't already own the album, here's your chance.

Michael Jackson's Thriller album can be described as the most popular album of all time. It sold about 60 million copies and won eight Grammy's, not to mention seven out of nine tracks featured on the album were also released as singles. Today Thriller turns 33 and to celebrate it's birthday, Google Play is giving away a free download of the entire album.

The Google Play Exclusive Version also includes a 'Billie Jean' home demo from 1981, a year before the album was released. If you want to get your hands on this timeless collection of tracks, click here.

To help refresh your memory for how brilliant this music was when it dropped back in 1982, watch the full Thriller video below.

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