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Mixcloud Beats Competitors to Launch on Apple TV

Mixcloud improves their streaming platform in a big move to Apple TV
Mixcloud for Apple TV

Mixcloud is fast becoming the leading source for listening to long-form music and speech radio. They recently took the next step in their platform expansion, announcing a partnership with Apple TV for their very own Mixcloud app. 

The new Mixcloud app is a move to get on the same level as other high quality streaming stations like Netflix, Vimeo and YouTube. With their service now on Apple TV, the goal is to increase listeners by breaking into the mainstream TV market ahead of the likes of SoundCloud, Spotify and Deezer.

"We're excited to be on the new Apple TV platform as it launches. The living room is a big opportunity for Mixcloud. We launched our Sonos app in beta earlier this year and Apple TV is the next part of our strategy to go big in the home. We've got a great catalogue of shows to entertain people at home both alone and with friends, and we've built the product to be simple and intuitive with a more lean back experience than our other apps.” - Mat Clayton, Co-founder of Mixcloud

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Mixcloud presents a massive catalogue of DJ mixes, radio shows and podcasts to its users. The service, now in its seventh year, is made for long-form radio and DJ content, with a bunch of unique features like track-list fingerprinting, timestamping of shows and listener engagement statistics for radio stations.

After Soundcloud started to purge their site of mixes they seem to think violate copyright laws, Mixcloud has emerged as the main platform for artists to showcase their mixes. Just last week Oneman had his mixes deleted from Soundcloud and turned to Mixcloud to post his sets. Other artists are expected to make a similar move. 

The Mixcloud app is now available to all users on Apple TV. 

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