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Mord Fustang Joins Mau5trap With "Falling Up"

Estonia's best producer keeps getting better with his latest release: will it finally earn him the fame he deserves?

Mord Fustang has long been an unsung production whiz, putting out years of amazing releases on Plasmapool that failed to reach audiences as large as the tracks themselves. There was a period a couple years ago that Mord was my favorite producer, and it baffled me why some of his songs had only thousands of YouTube views when I had them on repeat literally every day. Gradually through his persistence, a few of his songs have finally been picked up by the world and reached over a million views, but relative to his skills in production, Mord Fustang's still unknown to mainstream audiences.

After parting ways with Plasmapool, the Estonia-based producer released his debut album 9999 in 1 on his own label Magic Trooper earlier this year to critical adoration but little fanfare from EDM at large. Finally, Mord's partnered with a well-known label, mau5trap, to drop his latest EP Murmurs on November 13. Its debut single, “Falling Up,” is classic Mord Fustang electro, bringing gorgeous uplifting synths and his signature pretty pitched vocal sample-based rhythms together into a glorious slurry of pure joy.

Meanwhile, the other tracks on the EP harken back to a harder edge that's reminiscent of some of Mord's earliest work while also charting a new direction for his sound. Hopefully with this mau5trap EP, Mord Fustang will finally receive the recognition he's always deserved.

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