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New Ableton Push and Live 9.5 are Here!

Ableton has released their long awaited new Push and Live 9.5

Today marks a massive day for music producers everywhere, as the newest version of Ableton's unique music creation and performance software has come out alongside the new Push. 

Like the original Push, the new version brings the creation of melody, harmony, beats, and song structure, to the tip of your fingers. This new Push introduces sampling workflows, a large multicolor display and softer, more expressive pads to bring a new level of playability. 

Push gives the artist the power of using an instrument to completely control the music they are creating on their computer, bringing back instrumentation to electronic music production. You can play or step sequence all of your musical ideas, tweak samples, slice beats, play one shots or even manipulate digital instruments all without looking away from the Push itself. 

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Live 9.5 boasts new analog-modeled filters, new waveforms and metering displays, and new sampling capabilities. With these creative tools added to your arsenal already inside Live 9 gives the artists complete control over everything they create. 

Get 30% off Push when you turn in your older version of one. Push starts at EUR $699 and comes with Ableton live. For more information go here: Ableton Push

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