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Nils Frahm and Childhood Friends to Release Album on R&S

The story of how nonkeen's album came together and R&S picked it uo

Nils Frahm and his longtime friends, Frederic Gmeiner and Sebastian Singwald, have formed a new musical project that is getting set to release their debut album. 

nonkeen features naturally cohesive and exploratory productions compiled from tapes engineered by Nils Frahm. Sessions were held between this group on childhood friends in a number of modest rehearsal spaces over the course of a decade and were documented when Nils chose to hit record or whenever the RCA cables weren't broken, again. 

The story for how these three individuals came together is not for the faint of heart as tragedy almost provoked the three to give up music all together. Gmeiner, Singwald and Frahm shared a love for recording sound in their early years at primary school. They formed a band and would perform at the fairgrounds every summer, but in the summer of 1997 they were performing at a park when disaster struck. Their performance was halted when seats of a carousel that was close by broke off and two passengers where thrown into the stage. One victim landed in the band's bass drum while another smashed into Singwald’s bass amp. As the injured were taken away by an ambulance, Gmeiner, Frahm and Singwald ditched their broken instruments at the site, swore off music and went their separate ways.


Fastrack to their mid twenties and Gmeiner, Frahm and Singwald had reunited. They began to have sessions to record material and they would even listen to their old recordings from the '90s. After about 8 years, an album had organically formed. 

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the gamble’s songs were originally captured by four track tape recorders connected to even more primitive vocal microphones, although many sounds had been erased due to the group recording over the tapes. Finally Frahm, Gmeiner and Singwald reached the point where nothing else needed to be added and they were pleased with what had been produced. Then fate brought Frahm together with Renaard Vandepapeliere at a gathering in Mannhiem and in a short time after an R&S recording contract was signed. 

Friendship that lasts a lifetime is hard to come by, but these three artists have formed a lasting bond through their shared passion for music. We can't wait to share this music with you.

Their debut album the gamble will be released February 5th via R&S.

Follor nonkeen and Nils Frahm: Website | Facebook | Twitter


nonkeen - the gamble
1. the invention mother
2. saddest continent on earth
3. ceramic people
4. animal farm
5. this beautiful mess
6. capstan
7. chasing god through palmyra
8. pink flirt
9. re: turn!

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