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Nina Kraviz Gives Insightful Lecture in Oxford: "I lost interest in the snobby, elderly crowd"

Nina Kraviz talks about a number of issues that society and the music industry currently face
Nina Kraviz

Nina Kraviz was tapped to give a guest lecture at Oxford University where she touches on a number of crucial topics dealing with the future of dance music, the younger generation as well as issues that females face while dealing with the music industry. 

"I worry a lot that the younger generation has really big education gaps. They don't know enough about what was happening before. Sometimes a whole genre in music, like deep house for example, is being transformed into something that is definitely not it."

As the label boss of the трип imprint, Kraviz is very much aware of trends currently circling the dance music industry. One thing that many of the best musicians do today is to bring to light the timeless styles and tracks that set the foundation of dance music culture. Kraviz is one such artist that knows the importance of the history and she aims to share that experience through her DJ sets.

"I have always been very responsible in front of crowds. I try to play a lot of music from the past to create this bridge and to educate new people."

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The youth hold the key to the future. It's widely accepted that the younger generation will set forth the next stepping stone in history. Kraviz recognizes she's in a place of authority when it comes to art and culture and she feels it's her job to make sure the new people finding dance music, due so in a proper sense. 

"I lost interest in the snobby, elderly crowd that has already shaped and formed their own opinions. They've lived long enough and can take care of themselves. I really, really care about and believe in young people."

Touching on her experience as a woman in the music industry, Kraviz says she try's to break down the negative connotations that exists within society. It's a common theme that seems to be at the heart of many discussions with female artists and Kraviz gives some interesting insight regarding the issue.

"I'm glad to be surrounded by men and I have nothing against them. What's been happening with me is just the way it is in this type of business: there is sensationalism, putting people in a box, and creating myths that have very little to do with truths.

"It's a problem in wider society, how it functions, or maybe dysfunctions sometimes. With the existing era of the internet I think we are living in a time of really exaggerated self-esteems. Everyone really believes that the world needs his opinion on everything, even in the areas that they have no knowledge about. It's a systematic problem.

"There are rules that society has, of course you can fight them and I do, but in a peaceful way. I focus on something that I believe in and try to direct all my attention to that, that is my answer to the unpleasant side."

Watch the full lecture here to get more insight into what it takes to be a leading figure in the dance music industry, regardless of sex.


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