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Only In Detroit: Techno & Coffee at 'Techno Tuesday'

The best place to get your Techno fix in Detroit on a Tuesday? Techno Tuesday, of course. And it's not only in Detroit...

Detroit is known as the City of Techno. So, it's only logical that a night, “Techno Tuesday,” is hosted in this great city every week. Officially started just a few month’s ago by Adam Bellinson, Techno Tuesday is a chill evening of music and coffee. What more could you want, right?

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I recently spoke with Adam about his event and the inspiration behind it… Here’s what he had to say:

“My good friends Eric Cheolas and Jabril Sun were hosting Techno Tuesday from 9pm forward each week at Stonehouse Bar. I participated a bunch of times and it was always a good gathering. One day, Eric showed up with all his equipment as he super reliably did every week, but he quickly found that they were no longer interested in hosting the event.

After a couple of months, I realized that I had a stupendous opportunity to carry on the torch at a cozy nearby coffee shop. I had been attending Brent Scudder’s Plank Funk show for BurstRadio, broadcast from the same location for around a year before it dawned on me that I should ask about taking over Tuesday nights.”

And, so, Techno Tuesday as we know it was born. Hosted at The Urban Bean Co. right downtown Detroit, the night brings together music lovers, artists and even a few unsuspecting coffee drinkers.

Adam first thought of the Urban Bean as ideal real estate for his event after attending PlanetFunk for quite some time, but it was a little more than just that.

“I live close enough to the Bean that I can dolly my equipment between the doors without sweating. Josh, a co-owner, has been really welcoming and I just can’t thank him enough for how he shares his space with us.”

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The Bean is not a huge space, but it does have a built-in space for a DJ booth in a balcony that overlooks the first floor of the shop. Converted to a coffee shop from a record store a few years ago, the space is perfect to host a modest group of people... But it is even better to broadcast from.

For those who are unable to make it into the city, or at least over to the Bean, Adam broadcasts the show online. That's right, every Tuesday.

“Streaming brings more people into the moment. I think it’s fun for everyone involved, knowing the music is happening now, and the audience is bigger than the Urban Bean. Any drum and bass from 7onward will be live on and the entire show is streamed in video on Ustream. The podcast is an important element as well—these shows are captured for all time in the archives!”

The evening, however, is not just Techno.

“I have a Tuesday slot on at 7pm each week that I’ve been keeping up for over ten years now. True to that commitment, my only rule [for Techno Tuesday] is that 7-8 must be drum and bass to fill my DNB Radio slot. If nobody else will do it, I will! After that, I am very open, though we do hear a lot of dnb, techno and house.”

So… Check out the show TONIGHT and every Tuesday, whether you're in Detroit or not! Your ears will be graced with nothing but groovy tunes and a great taste of the city. Tune In Here

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