Although released back in 2009 on Ostgut Ton, Ben Klock's debut full-length is still as relevant today as ever. Simply put, it's modern Techno at it's finest. 

With it's hypnotic patterns and captivating concepts, One possesses everything a fan of Techno could ever want in an album. When it was first released, fans of the Berghain resident had no idea what to expect. Like most of the best dance music producers and DJs, their albums tend to be far from what they would typically play in the club. With that being said, Ben Klock manages to fit multiple forms of electronic music into this album in order to showcase his stylistic diversity. It's interesting to note, that when I listen to this collection of tracks, I never want a single song to finish. It seems as though they could mutate and evolve forever. Alas, all good things must come to an end and Klock leaves us completely satisfied. 

There has yet to be news of a sophomore album from Ben Klock, although he's released a few EPs following One. He's become more known for his marathon DJ sets that are truly a spectacle to witness. If you have yet to dive into his debut, this is your chance to get caught up. 

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