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Nightclub owners in Paris have rallied together to bring a sense of comfort for those in search of a way to bounce back from the recent attacks that left over 100 people dead on Nov. 13th, 2015. 

Owners of popular clubs including those at A La Folie Paris, Badaboum, Batofar, Concrete, Djoon, Faust, Glazart, Gibus, Java, La Machine Du Moulin Rouge, Le Queen, Rex Club, Social Club, Showcase, Virgo, Wanderlust and Zig Zag have joined forces to send out a statement of hope. It reads:

"Nothing and no one will stop Paris from dancing." Adding: "Music, dancing, sharing, meeting, social bonds [and] diversity are values that we carry and that these terrorists have targeted for destruction."

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In order to ensure the safety of club patrons, additional security will be enforced. Although it's not clear what measures will be taken, France's federation of cabarets and nightclubs have made suggestions which include cutting back on the use of outdoor space including lines and smoking sections. Live Nation has also vowed to increase security. For a list of recommended clubs in Paris, click here.

[via RA]
[photo by Daily laurel - Crafted illustrations @ Djoon]

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