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If anyone ever comes up to you and says, “Swing is dead”, I kindly encourage you to remove your silk gloves, finger by finger and ever so elegantly make contact between the back of your hand and their cheek with necessary force.

Swing is alive and the world has birthed its modern child dubbed, Electro-Swing. Where there are Disco and Jazz House, there is also the fun and exuberant improvisation of Electro Swing cultivating all across the globe. 

© Christine Miess Photography

© Christine Miess Photography

I had the great pleasure of hearing the leading purveyor of Electro Swing, Parov Stelar, perform with his delightful ensemble this past weekend. the notorious Austrian producer just held a rare one-off performance in NYC at the newly renovated; PlayStation Theatre (formerly Best Buy Theatre) for two nights and with him was his exuberant band.

Parov Stelar, led by visionary producer Marcus Fuereder is fast becoming a household name in Europe. With 400,000 albums sold worldwide and being featured on over 700 compilations, it's easy to see how fans have caught on to their sound. Fuereder is of course the very man credited with pioneering the Electro Swing genre through his inventiveness using symphonic instruments over steady beats he triggers during Parov Stelar's captivating live performances.

© Christine Miess Photography

© Christine Miess Photography

The show itself was worth the five-hour bus ride into NYC from Boston (and ride back up!). It must have been years since I have last been to a live show because I felt like a little kid at a Wiggles concert. Bubbling with excitement and anticipation, I could not contain myself from the moment the entire ensemble entered the stage and Parov got behind the decks. Between the lighting and visual production and the immense energy they poured into the crowd and then back to the band was nothing short of great showmanship.

The crowd was amazing; I especially enjoyed watching the bouncing wave of bodies doing jigs all over the theatre (as I was safely perched from the balcony). Mouths moved along with every single track they performed! Parov’s popularly known tracks were indeed highlights such as, 'All Night', 'Booty Swing' and 'Clap Your Hands'. At these moments I found myself doing a jive across the balcony with a few very rambunctious Austrian ladies.

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It is practically impossible not to have a night filled with merriment and sore feet when seeing Parov Stelar & the Band live. Next time, I am going to don my finest flapper dress and sip on dirty martinis as he drops, 'The Paris Swing Box'. I can see myself taking every opportunity to catch the show whenever in town again.

Check out snippets of his newly released album, The Demon Diaries and the official video to his single, 'Demon Dance'.

Get ready for them next year, as they take the US by storm with an appearance at Coachella Festival 2016 (both weekends) and more North American tour dates.

Parov Stelar: “We are very happy and excited to be back in the US after 3 long years, especially because these are the first shows in the US with the full Parov Stelar Band. On top of that we are working hard to set the course for the US in 2016. Coachella will be definitely amazing!"

Check them out on Facebook and their website

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