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UPDATE: After 2 hours since the initial report, the woman is still missing. Life boats have been dispatched and there are two helicopters trailing the ship that are also involved in the search. US Coast Guard is working with the Cuban government to combine their efforts and take the necessary steps to locate the missing person.

It pains us to report that multiple sources are confirming that a woman is currently overboard on Mad Decent Boat Party. As the story is quickly evolving, some are indicating that the woman may have jumped, rather than falling overboard. 

An announcement was made to the passengers that a person had fallen overboard and the boat turned around to the last known location in an attempt to locate the passenger.

Currently all stages are shut down and all passengers have been requested to return to their rooms as a headcount is conducted to ensure no other passengers are missing.

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Our thoughts and prayers go out to the passenger overboard, and we hope for a safe rescue. We will be closely monitoring this story and will report back when new informaiton is available.


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